The Witch Hunter / The Healer

The Witch Hunter + The Healer

Please note that I am reviewing The Witch Hunter based on an advanced reader copy that I received from Netgalley. In light of this, I’m aware that some details may have changed prior to publication.

The Witch Hunter was first published in 2015 and is Virginia Boecker’s debut novel. It is a fantasy story set in a country not too dissimilar to Tudor England which has been torn apart by witch burnings. The author has also published a short novella titled The Healer which is set in the same universe and is currently available to purchase on Amazon in eBook format only.

Elizabeth Grey is the only female witch hunter in the whole of Anglia. Although she should be proud of this fact, lately she has been failing in her duties. Witches who would have once been easy for her to capture are escaping and her childhood friend Caleb is forced to cover for Elizabeth again and again to hide her ineptitude. Caleb doesn’t understand why Elizabeth has changed so much but Elizabeth can’t enlighten him. It’s a secret that she must carry to the grave.

When Elizabeth is caught possessing magical herbs and branded as a witch, she is sure that Caleb will come and rescue her from prison before her burning. However, as days tick by and fever grips her, her rescuer comes in a different form.

Nicholas Perevil, the most powerful wizard in all of Anglia and leader of the revolutionaries, appears in her cell and carries her to safety. It turns out that Nicholas’s seer has foretold that only Elizabeth can save him from a painful and lingering death. Now Elizabeth has a difficult choice to make. Does she help save the life of her arch enemy or trade him to the High Inquisitor for a chance to redeem herself?


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