Aether Warriors

Aether Warriors

First published in 2013, Aether Warriors is the debut novel of Dean Ravenola. It forms the first part of The Hidden War Series, though at the time of writing this review there has been no word regarding future instalments. The story follows a teenage orphan named Chase as he discovers that he is destined to become a warrior for the forces of good in a war that has been going on for centuries, hidden from the eyes of mortals.

Chase Poole has not had a very happy upbringing. Abandoned as a baby, he has been forced to live in a terribly cruel orphanage and longs to find a way to get away from it all. However, his escape comes in a way that he never would have expected. When he caught in a fight between a gargoyle and a teenage girl, he taps into magical powers that he never knew that he had in order to protect her.

The girl, named Jasmine, is revealed to belong to an ancient order called the Golden Scales and has been sent to locate Chase and bring him back to their stronghold in the Grand Canyon. Once there Chase learns that he is a Aether Warrior – one of five magical humans that are born into every generation, each possessing the powers of their totem animal and ability to twist aether (the life force of the planet) in order to use powerful elemental magic.

As Chase begins his training, learning to use the power of the red tailed hawk to fuel his attacks, he begins to gradually learn that his situation is incredibly dangerous. The Golden Scales fight to defend the world and all the people in it, they are engaged in an endless war with another order – the Dark Flame – who seek only to enslave and destroy. The Dark Flame also have a group of Aether Warriors that are being trained for this task and, to make matters worse, seem to have had one of their spies infiltrate to Golden Scales.

It is up to Chase and his new friends to locate this mole and stop them before they can gain access to any of the powerful artefacts that are sealed within the vaults and deliver them into the hands of those that would certainly use them for evil.


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