The Hork-Bajir Chronicles


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The Hork-Bajir Chronicles was written by K.A. Applegate and first published in 1998. It is the second book of the Animorphs Chronicles, a spin-off of the popular Animorphs series, and focuses on how the Yeerks took control of the Hork-Bajir race. Although this book is technically a prequel, it is intended to be read after book 22 of the main series (The Solution).

Aldrea’s family honour has been tarnished by the well-meaning actions of her father, Prince Seerow. It was Seerow who first reached out to the Yeerks, taking pity on their weakness and teaching them about the stars. Now, the Yeerks are the scourge of the universe, taking over race after race, and the Andalites are struggling to stop them. Unwilling to trust Seerow, the Andalites send him on a mission to study a remote jungle planet. The only known species who live there an unintelligent race of tree-dwelling herbivore known as the Hork-Bajir.

Dak Hamee is different. He is a Hork-Bajir seer – a creature born only once every generation who possesses greater-than-average intelligence. When the Andalite party arrives, he is quick to befriend Aldrea. Seeing that he is special, she teaches him science and mathematics. In return, Dak teaches her to appreciate his forest home and the spiritual peace of Hork-Bajir life.

Yet the peace will not last. The growing Yeerk empire has also discovered the Hork-Bajir homeworld and realises that the powerful Hork-Bajir will make excellent shock troops for their war. Lead by Esplin 9466, the Yeerks invade the planet and kill Aldrea’s family. With nothing left to lose, she encourages Dak to use his influence to train a band of Hork-Bajir into resistance fighters to strike back at the Yeerks. Yet their actions have horrible consequences. As Dak watches his friends become ruthless killing machines, he starts to wonder if resisting the Yeerks is worth the cost to his people…


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