The Space in Between

The Space in Between

The Space in Between was written by Jen Minkman and first published in 2014. It is a paranormal romance novel which focuses on a young woman who falls in love with the literal man of her dreams. The Goodreads page seems to suggest that this novel is the first part of a series, yet I can’t find anything online other than this to say whether or not is the case. Either way, the novel stands on its own very well as a complete story in its own right.

Moira should be satisfied with her life. With her ADHD finally under control she has finally managed to focus on her part-time University course in art history. She also has Patrick, her boyfriend of seven years, who is always keen to take care of her. Yet there is still something missing in her life – an emptiness that she can’t put her finger on – and its leading her to feel uncreative.

Everything changes when she helps her twin siblings, Tabby and Dai, to perform a Wiccan ritual at a local stone circle. During the ceremony, the three of them are transported to a parallel world which resembles on of Moira’s paintings and manage to free a young man that they find trapped there.

Although Moira brushes this experience off as some kind of shared hallucination, in her dreams she keeps returning to the man and learns his name – Hayko. Gradually, Moira starts to wonder if he is some kind of wandering spirit and if it is her moral duty to help him pass over to the other side. Yet the more she spends time with Hayko, the stronger her feelings grow. How can she fall in love with someone who is already dead?


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