The Tale of Atterberry

The Tale of Atterberry

The Tale of Atterberry is the debut novel of Leah Price and was first published in 2014. It is the first book of The Faire Pendant series, although at the time of writing no further instalments have been released. Although the novel is clearly aimed at middle grade readers, I think that it could still be readily enjoyed as a light read for young teens.

The story focuses on a young girl named Glenna who has lived her whole life on the renaissance faire circuit. Although she has few friends her own age she has grown up surrounded by all manner of fantastic performers, including an elderly magician called Roger who is like an uncle to her.

On her eleventh birthday, Glenna encounters a mysterious old lady who gives her a magical pendant. Glenna soon discovers that whenever she touches it, the world around her seems to change. The faire seems to come to life with people morphing into faeries and talking animals. Everyone that she knows at the faire seems to have a double in the Otherworld, only these avatars can do all of the magic that they only pretend to do in real life.

While Glenna explores this Otherworld under the guidance of Flutter, her guardian sprite, disaster strikes. Atterberry – skilled wizard and Roger’s double – has lost his cloak and without it he can’t use any magic. As Glenna returns to the real world she learns that the same is true there, only Roger’s inability to perform at the renaissance faire is likely to cost him his job.

As she investigates further, Glenna discovers that the cloak has actually been stolen and sets out to uncover the culprit. Using her ability to travel between worlds, she hunts for evidence and soon finds herself hot on the thief’s tail. She knows that she has little time left. Roger’s final performance looms closer and, if he can’t perform, it could also spell the end for Atterberry…


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