Ice Crypt

Please note that this review may contain spoilers for Ice Massacre. You can read my review of this novel [here].

Ice Crypt was written by Tiana Warner and first published in 2016. It forms the second part of the Mermaids of Eriana Kwai series, following Ice Massacre (2015) and preceding Ice Kingdom (2017). The story follows the continuing adventures of Meela and Lysi as they try to end the war between their two races, and so I would strongly recommend reading the novels in sequence to fully appreciate them.

Following her return from the Massacre, Meela knows that she needs to do something to end the fighting. She believes King Adaro’s claim about the existence of the Host – a powerful creature that has been hidden beneath Eriana Kwai. Although she knows that she can’t allow the mermaid king to harness such power, she wonders if she can find a way to turn it against him to save Lysi.

Meanwhile, Adaro has punished Lysi by sending her away from Eriana Kwai – battling alongside the mermen to quell a rebellion to the south. Although she is reunited with her childhood friend Spio, she yearns to be back with her lover. She knows that Adaro plans to have Meela and her people destroyed but can do nothing to stop it.

However, Meela and Lysi could be brought together again much sooner than anyone could imagine. As the date for the next Massacre is brought forward, Meela and her friends must hurry to find the Host before any more girls can be killed. Meanwhile, Lysi finds herself working alongside a group of rebels who have plans to assassinate Adaro…



Ice Massacre

Ice Massacre

Ice Massacre was written by Tiana Warner and first published in 2014. It is a fantasy story which focuses on a team of twenty teenage girls as they are sent off to battle flesh eating mermaids. Although this novel reads as though it is the first part of a longer series, at the time of writing no further instalments have been announced.

Life is difficult in Eriana Kwai. For thirty years, mermaids have swarmed in waters surrounding the island and slaughtered anyone who tries to fish there. The islanders have been completely cut off from their primary trade and are slowly beginning to starve. In order to combat the threat, twenty warriors take to the sea each year in an attempt to cull the mermaid numbers. Being chosen as one of these men is a great honour, even though few survive the ordeal.

Following a slew of failures, the people of Eriana Kwai settle upon a new plan. Since only men are susceptible to a mermaids’ charms, this time the islanders have decided to send a team of teenage girls into battle. Meela and her friends were chosen when they were thirteen as the best that island had to offer and have undergone five years of training in order to turn them into the perfect killing machines. It is now their turn to undertake the honour of participating in the Ice Massacre.

Yet Meela hides a dark secret – one that would quickly turn her friends against her if they knew the truth. While the thought of killing is repulsive to her, she knows that she needs to harden her heart and fight for her people if she ever wants to overcome the shame that she brought on her family eight years earlier.


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