Before I begin describing this book to you, I want you to be fully aware that I am making none of this up. This is not some kind of fever dream or drug trip or wild fantasy. This book is real. And it’s spectacular.

Twisted! is the debut novel of Miranda Leek and was first published in 2010. It is a fantasy novel about anthropomorphic theme park rides. If you feel that you need a moment to let that settle in, I’ll fully understand. I’ll still be here when you get back. The novel is the first part of a planned series although a release date has not yet been announced for its sequel, which has been provisionally titled Vertigo.

Somewhere parallel to our world lies the Amusement Park Between. This is the place where rides go if they are destroyed or put into storage. The world was once beautiful and peaceful until a cruel roller coaster named Ironwheel took control. Feeling hatred towards everyone, he killed the King and allowed his army of Fallen to sweep the land, torturing and oppressing all of the good rides.

Rodney Philips has grown up completely unaware of the Between’s existence. In fact, he believed himself to be a completely ordinary human until the day that he went for a job interview at a theme park. It was there that he met Thunderbark, an elderly wooden roller coaster in human form, who revealed to him the truth. He is actually Railrunner – the only red steel roller coaster in existence – and he is destined to save the Between.

Although Rodney understandably does not believe him, he slips on the roller coaster tracks and inadvertently activates his ride form. That night he transforms for the first time, becoming a savage bio-mechanical monster and going on a bloody rampage across town. As the nights pass, he gradually begins to get control of himself but his life is left in ruins. The police and FBI now want him dead, he is terrified that he might murder his girlfriend Clare and Thunderbark is determined that he will return to the Between to battle Ironwheel. But first, he must come to terms with what he is. He is no longer Rodney. He is Railrunner, a twisted roller coaster.


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