Vampire World

Vampire World

Today’s novel was kindly provided by the author in exchange for a fair review. I just thought I would make that clear immediately before I continue. I say on the FAQ page that I do not believe in praising a novel where it is not deserved and, to be perfectly frank, I believe that this novel is an example of what I consider to be a frustrating story – one that has a pretty interesting concept but fails to be compelling over all. More on that shortly.

Vampire World was written by Rich Douglas and was first published in 2013. Although this novel reads as though it is the first book in a longer series, at the time of writing this review there have been no further instalments announced.

Marissa is a beautiful and popular teenager who has scored herself a handsome boyfriend and is looking forward to making out with him on their next date. However, as they park on a lover’s lane, their car is attacked by a vampire and Marissa is bitten as she tries to escape.

Waking up in a horrendously cruel vampire orphanage, Marissa finds that she has no memory of anything that happened before that day. Now called Janice, she is told that her parents were killed in a car accident and her only hope of leading a happy life is to be adopted into a kind vampire family.

This rescue comes shortly afterwards in the form of Mr John FreeCut, an elderly vampire who has always wanted children. However, Janice’s problems have only just begun. With no knowledge of how Vampire World functions, she struggles to find a job and make new friends. On top of everything else, a mysterious stranger has begun to leave her messages, hinting that there is a deep conspiracy surrounding her existence. Just who exactly is she and what are the TriFang?


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